September 6, 2016

Research on Sperm Whales was initially done in the seas of Sri Lanka off the East Coast in the 1980s. Subsequent Whale research was severely restricted due to the conflict in the North and the East. In 2003 it was initiated once again and it was found that the Indian Ocean waters surrounding Sri Lanka had the highest density of Sperm Whales in the world as well as providing a life for the mighty Blue Whale – the largest animal on earth — Fin Whales, Humpback Whales, and Dolphins. Most whale species found in the waters of Sri Lanka do not migrate long distances for feeding and breeding and therefore remain in the surrounding seas throughout the year. Boat excursions into the deep seas are possible from December to April when the seas are at their calmest along the south and west coasts.

South Coast: During the season in December and April, large pods of Dolphins and Blue Whales can be seen just a few miles offshore.

North West Coast: Hundreds of Spinner Dolphins can be seen just minutes off the shores of Kalpitiya in the North West during the season from December to April.

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